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More than wood

Architects and Designers

Architectural Veneers International (AVI) is an architectural wood veneer company specializing in procuring the finest architectural grade veneers in the world.  We are dedicated to help both clients and designers choose from our extensive inventory of wood veneer options, including some of the most unique flitches ever seen!  Our goal is to share our vast knowledge of wood veneer flitches and give educated recommendations specific to your needs.  Additionally we have spent a great deal of time creating a finished sample library to quickly process designers requests

Quality material for quality work

Makers and Tradesmen

AVI also specializes in coordinating veneer allocation to Millworkers, Furniture Companies, and Door Manufacturers.  Our mission is to get ideal results for both clients and designer, every single time.  Let AVI help you find the perfect veneer for your next job.

Let’s Build Something

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